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Muncie Apartment Living: November 2018

Welcome to this month’s edition of Muncie Apartment Living, brought to you by The Haven, our apartments for rent in Muncie, IN. This month we’re bringing our residents suggestions for celebrating Aviation History Month and NaNoWriMo, topics surrounding upcoming random holidays, and movies and books you might want to check out this month to stay up on the latest options in entertainment. Read on to learn more about these topics in today's blog post.

November Celebrations

Aviation History Month

a classic plane

National Aviation History month is celebrated in November by historians, museums, and other aviation enthusiasts across the country. From the Wright brothers historic flight near Kittyhawk, NC to today’s solar powered planes. Take a look at Aviation history online or find an aviation history museum near you and make a point to visit it this month or if you can’t go to a museum personally, watch an aviation inspired movie at your apartment.

National Novel Writing Montha graphic of someone's hand holding a pencil that says

November means NaNoWriMo is upon us. Just what does that mean? It’s the opportunity to write a complete novel in just one month — National Novel Writing Month. Join a community of NaNoWriMo writers all over the world by signing up to participate on the official National Novel Writing Month website. The NaNoWriMo website has all sorts of resources for writers to use. Get on the NaNoWriMo forums for support from other writers, or participate in one of the many NaNoWriMo events occurring all over the country. We hope that you get the chance to write this month!

Upcoming Holidays

World Kindness Day (Nov 13th)

two women amicably baking together

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, and when we are grateful for what we have, we naturally want to share our good fortune with others. Volunteer Match has a multitude of opportunities to serve in the Muncie, IN area. Check it out and spend some time volunteering. We found this list of potential acts of kindness from Pottery Barn’s blog! The list includes things like donating food, walking a dog, or bringing a treat to a friend.


Take a Hike Day (Nov 17th) a picture of a sunset from atop a mountain that says

November 17th is National Take a Hike Day, and taking time out for a hike provides exercise, a chance to appreciate nature, and chance to spend time with a friend. Being spontaneous can be fun when planning a hiking trip, but planning a little bit beforehand can save you a lot of time and energy before, during, and after your trip. Figure out who’s going with you and the proper difficulty level of the hike, according to who’s going and what you both want out of it. AllTrails is a great resource for planning your next hiking adventure. Check it out!

Movie Suggestions

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

“The Grinch tells the story of a cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl's generous holiday spirit. Funny, heartwarming, and visually stunning, it's a universal story about the spirit of Christmas and the indomitable power of optimism.”


“On the eve of D-Day, American paratroopers are dropped behind enemy lines to carry out a mission crucial to the invasion's success. But as they approach their target, they begin to realize there is more going on in this Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation. They find themselves fighting against supernatural forces, part of a Nazi experiment.”

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

“Young computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist find themselves caught in a web of spies, cybercriminals and corrupt government officials.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

“The second installment of the "Fantastic Beasts" series set in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World featuring the adventures of magizoologist Newt Scamander.”
Book Suggestions

1607: A New Look at Jamestown by Karen E. Lange, Ira Block (Photographer)

“1607: A New Look at Jamestown is the last word on America's first colony. With expert appraisal of new archaeological evidence, this National Geographic title stands alone for timely authority and visual appeal.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

“Orphaned Kit Tyler knows, as she gazes for the first time at the cold, bleak shores of Connecticut Colony, that her new home will never be like the shimmering Caribbean island she left behind. In her relatives' stern Puritan community, she feels like a tropical bird that has flown to the wrong part of the world, a bird that is now caged and lonely. The only place where Kit feels completely free is in the meadows, where she enjoys the company of the old Quaker woman known as the Witch of Blackbird Pond, and on occasion, her young sailor friend Nat. But when Kit's friendship with the ‘witch’ is discovered, Kit is faced with suspicion, fear, and anger. She herself is accused of witchcraft!”

Dead Poets Society by N.H. Kleinbaum

Author Kathleen Norris once said, “The knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier.” We agree, and we think N.H. Klienbaum’s hit is an excellent choice.

“Todd Anderson and his friends at Welton Academy can hardly believe how different life is since their new English professor, the flamboyant John Keating, has challenged them to ‘make your lives extraordinary!’ Inspired by Keating, the boys resurrect the Dead Poets Society--a secret club where, free from the constraints and expectations of school and parents, they let their passions run wild.”